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Photo credit: Natasha Ribeiro-Austrich


Janelane is the music project of Los Angeles-born artist, Sophie Negrini. Her contrasting blend of pop hooks and shimmery guitars with wistful, melancholic lyrics is romantic, nostalgic, and incredibly addictive. A self-taught guitarist, Negrini began writing songs at age 12, and credits the hundreds of hours spent daydreaming and listening to the likes of The Beatles, Big Star, Todd Rundgren, The Carpenters, and The Monkees, for the sun-drenched yet bittersweet feel in her songwriting. Her bedroom undertones and affinity for stacked harmonies are heavily influenced by Dear Nora, that dog., and Mirah. 


After years of singing onstage in school musicals, Negrini performed for the first time as “Janelane” in 2013 at a local bookstore. By 2015, Janelane quickly joined LA’s rotation of DIY show rosters, and released the “Peaches and Cream” EP via Danger Collective Records (BOYO, Momma). In between local shows and SXSW tours with Janelane, Negrini began performing as the lead guitarist for punk rock band, Peach Kelli Pop, and toured heavily for the next 3 years all over America, Canada, Europe, and Japan. 


In 2018, Negrini shifted her focus to recording all of the Janelane songs she had been shaping in her live shows over the years. In April 2020, Negrini released her first song since 2015, the heartbreak ballad, “14 Days”. In March 2021, Janelane’s first 7” record, “Celebrity Crush” (featuring performances of members from White Reaper and No Win), was released via Canadian label, Kingfisher Bluez (Peach Pit, Allison Crutchfield). 


"Okay with Dancing Alone" is Janelane's newest EP, out now on Astoria Tracks (April 2022). 

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