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Photo credit: Natasha Ribeiro-Austrich


Janelane is the music project of Los Angeles-born singer and songwriter, Sophie Negrini. Her contrasting blend of pop hooks and shimmery guitars with profound, melancholic lyrics is romantic, nostalgic, and incredibly addictive. Despite being raised by two opera-singing parents, it was rock music that Negrini found solace in at a young age. Negrini credits her older sister (and occasional music partner), Gina, for drilling the entire Beatles discography into her brain well before the 4th grade. At age 12, Negrini taught herself to play guitar, and began to pen her own pop melodies, occasionally performing songs about her crushes acoustically in front of her classmates. It was at age 15, however, during a particularly depressive and painful time, that she became more reclusive, spending every waking hour singing and writing songs in her bedroom. Diving into the discographies of everything from Big Star, to Bob Dylan, to Dear Nora, to Redd Kross, Negrini wrote song after song, and began recording them on her dad’s laptop. At 17 years old, Negrini performed for the first time under the name “Janelane’, in a local bookstore with her acoustic guitar. A year later, she solidified her first electric line-up of Janelane, regularly performing at venues in Los Angeles, such as The Smell and The Echo. Peaches and Cream, Janelane’s first official EP, was released via Danger Collective Records in 2015.


In late 2015, Negrini was recruited as a touring lead guitarist in punk rock band, Peach Kelli Pop. After 3 years of touring across Europe, Japan, and America, Negrini shifted her focus to Janelane completely, and began recording a plethora of new music. In April 2020, she released the moody, black and white music video for the ballad, “14 Days”. In October 2020, she released the fuzzy, colorful, PBS-esque video for tearjerker, “Flowers from Athens”.

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